1. Lerry Yahya Suranta - Indonesia

2. Loecky Harvianto - Indonesia

3. Nurcahyo Adyota Prabhaswara - Indonesia

4. Revana Hadiani - Indonesia

5. Zhu Dexuan - China

6. Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia - Mexico

7. Surakshya Gaire - Nepal

8. Akash Deo - Nepal

9. Roberto Weiser - Venezuela

10. Montserrat Blanca Ticzon - Phillipines

11. Jameson Austria - Phillipines

12. Desh Deepak Dwivedi - India

13. Binay Prasad - India

14. Muhammad Hassan Bin Afzal - Bangladesh

15. Sungyeon Park - South Korea

16. Ashna Soobaruth - Mauritius

17. Bakhytzhan - Kazakhstan

18. Pol van der Pluijm - Netherlands 

See you in Bali for the 2nd Challenge on June 10th! Further information will be announced via email!


The Student Case Competition will be held from June 1st – June 12th The goal of the competition is to enhance the awareness of students on energy issues. This competition will also invite students to take part in a movement by challenging participants to produce a mechanism/system as a solution for a given caseISES 2015 Student Case Competition is competition open to all ISES 2015 delegates. In order to win this competition, delegates will have to complete multiple challenges. Here’s how it will work:

  • To compete you must be a ISES 2015 delegate
  • There are four challenges involves in the ISES 2015 Student Case Competition, they are:

1.     Essay submission, all participants write a comprehensive essay (details below).

2.     Case competition, 18 essay finalists will be divided into 6 groups to propose a solution for a given case. The   output of this challenge will be a proposal, power point slides and a poster.

3.     Case presentation, each group will present their case solution to the jury using a power point presentation.

4.     Poster voting, the top three finalists will have a chance to display their posters for conference attendees. Attendees can vote for the one they think is best and the amount of votes will factor into the jury’s decision.

Student Case Competition Timeline

1.     May 31st  – June 4th: Essay submission (1st Challenge)

2.     June 5th: Finalist announcement

3.     June 10th: Group Discussion (2nd Challenge)

4.     June 11th: Final Presentation (3rd Challenge)

5.     June 12th: Poster Voting (4th Challenge)

6.     June 12th: Grand Final Winner Announcement 


Winners of the overall competition will revieve:

1st Place Team - $3,000

2nd Place Team - $2,000

3rd Place Team - $1,000 


1st Challenge – Research Essay

Write a two page essay on that explores the topic:

  • “Off-Grid Communities: Challenges and Opportunities”

Click here for full details on how essays will be ranked, and how to submit them. All essays must be submitted by June 4th, 2015.

From the 1st Challenge, 18 participants will be selected to participate in the case competition challenge.

2nd Challenge – Case Competition

The case competition will take place on June 10th 2015 at Santika Hotel Nusa Dua Bali. The competition will start at 9.30 am, all finalists competing must arrive at least 10 minutes early.

  • The competition will last throughout the day and lunch will be provided by the committee during the case solving

Please note:

  • If you are a finalist for the case competition you must arrive at the Santika Hotel Nusa Dua Bali in time to compete. Likely, this means you need to have arrangements to fly into Bali by June 9th.
  • 18 finalists of the student case competition will not be able to participate in ISES 2015 Field Trip due to the parallel time of the student case competition and field trip.
  • We will not be providing any accommodation before the 10th of June.
  • We will provide a shuttle bus to accommodate participants to ISES 2015 designated hotels. Therefore, participants should bring all of their luggage on June 10th